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By Crusader1307

''Bayard'' was a legendary Horse from a type of Medieval French form of Literature known as a Chansons de Geste or ''Epic Poem''. They dealt with Romance, Courage, Magic and Conflicts. Most were ''told'' (sung) by Troubadours and Minstrels. They were common from the 12th through 15th Centuries AD. Owned by a Knight, Bayard had the ''ability'' to ''become the size'' of His Rider (either large or small). Further, Bayard could ''understand'' Human language. Won as a debt to a Bet, Bayard was said to have been originally owned by a Magician. It is unclear if Bayard was a normal Horse and made ,magical, or if The Magician ''created'' the magical Beast. Somewhat ''mischievous'', Bayard was ceded to Emperor Charlemagne who had no use for such a ''bewitched'' animal. Ordering Bayard to have a large stone tied to His neck, He was to be drowned in a river. Bayard smashed the rock and escaped. He still ''lives somewhere'' hidden in the landscape of France today.