Baron Samedi

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By Crusader1307

Relative to The Island of Haiti and The practice of Voodoo Magic ''Baron Samedi'' is Lord (Loa) of The Dead. Personified as a African Male, Baron Samedi wears a Black Top Hat, Black Tail Coat and Dark Glasses. Although Human in appearance, Baron Samedi has a full Skull painted on his Face. His nostrils are plugged with cotton (a common feature in Haitian Funerary Practices). As ''Lord of The Dead'', it is His function to convey Souls to The Hereafter. Often, a dying Person will invoke His name as a means of ''bargaining'' or requesting ''healing'' for more (extended) time. Only Baron Samedi can grant these requests (often for a high price). In various Cultures that practice various Rituals and high profile ceremonies, a ''Human'' is chosen to portray The Baron. The Human acts in an exaggerated and often obscene manner (as Samedi has a great fondness for such). Human ''Actors'' of spew forth fire from their mouths (''Firebreathers'', an old Carnival and Circus performance) to remind all that Hades await those who transgress. Upon final death it is believed, The Baron will ''dig out'' The Corpse, so He can greet the Soul and lead it to The Afterlife. Baron Samedi also has other functions relating to death. If properly invokes and honored, He will stop someone from becoming The ''Walking Dead'' (or the traditional version of today's Zombie). To do this, Baron Samedi causes the Body to decompose more rapidly. A Zombie cannot be used in such a state by a Witch Doctor, whereas it's movements would be too easily seen. Some believers also raise ''Samedi Crosses'' over graves of their deceased. A traditional Christian Cross, these are consecrated (decorated with) various talismen found ''pleasing'' to The Baron. Many of His ''true followers'' wear His favorite color Purple.