Baron Kriminel

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

Another ''Deity'' related to Voodoo (Haiti) ''Baron Kriminel'' is perhaps one of the more ''darker'' of Spirits. He is thought ot be the personified Spirit of the first Murderer (possibly relative to The Christian version of ''Cain''). Unlike ''Cain'', Kriminel was condemned to death (Eons ago). His ''Dark Energy'' is invoked by Priests and Priestesses for ''swift judgment'' against a transgressor. Baron Kriminel does like food sacrifices, but alcohol. He prefers to watch over Criminals, and if One is so ''possessed'' by His Spirit (which is a common ''ritual'' in some Voodoo conjurings), The Possessed with curse and act ''haughty''. His sacrifices are just as dark as His personality. One much sacrifice Black Chickens or Roosters, set a flame (burnt to death). The Baron is identified by the colors Blood Red, Purple and Black. He (like many Male Voodoo Gods), wears a Top Hat and Tail Coat and paints His Face to resemble a Human Skull (associating His covenant with Death). Baron Kriminel also is one of the few Deities who carries a weapon. This is a Sword, which some say was used to execute Him when He was once Human.