• The Occult
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By Crusader1307

In Occult terms ''Banishing'' is the removal of various spells and even spiritual possessions by ''counter'' spells and or rituals. These are considered very complicated and time consuming (depending on the particular ''Banishing Spell'' to be used. Banishing is defined differently according to what kind of ''magic'' is used. Unlike an ''exorcism'' (which is the removal of a demonic influence) and more religious in nature, Banishing can take on a more ''esoteric'' form. The preparation needed often involves the ''affected'' being ritually purified and placed in a state of trance (or deep lucid sleep). In Folk Magic, various herbal remedies are made for both physical and internal applications in some cases. Chants and Offering are also used in this form. Much on the topic of Banishing (from a modernistic view) was said to have been pioneered by Occultist Aleister Crowley.