• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

A Japanese ''Yokai'' (or Spirit). The ''Bakeneko'' takes the physical form of an ordinary Feral Cat. Unlike it's ''cousin'' The Nekomata, it has only (1) tail. The Spirit is known to invade a Home during Feudal Times, and lick all Oil from Lamps. They would disappear at the appearance of a Human. Some evidence may actually exist. Lamp Oil (for a while), was made from Fish Oil and as such may have attracted Cats to the smell of burning Oil (and even trying to lick or eat same). With traditional legend, The Bakeneko are malevolent Spirits until attacked. If a Human kills a Bakeneko, that Human is cursed to return as one. Some Regions in Japan assigned other ''talents'' to The Bakeneko. These are being used to communicate with The Dead, as well as Shapeshifting into other animals. They can be used as both ''Good and Bad'' focus in Feudal Japanese Literature.