Bahay Na Pula

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 A rather dilapidated structure stands near The Village of San Ildefonso, Philippine Islands. Known locally as ''Bahay Na Pula'' or ''The Red House'', this structure is perhaps one of the most haunted places on The Island. It stands as mute testimony to the atrocities committed by Imperial Japanese Forces on The Filipino Peoples during World War II. Originally built in 1929 by Spanish Colonists as a Hacienda to a surrounding Plantation, the ''home'' was of wooden construction and painted Red in color. During The Japanese Army Occupation, ''The Red House'' served first as Regional Headquarters and later as a ''pleasure house'' (but more of this to follow).

Japanese Intelligence found that the Region was rife with Resistance Fighters – and The Village of San Ildefonso was seen as a ''nest''. Many of the the Men from Town (as many as 300), were taken to The Red House. All were tortured and murdered in extremely heinous manners. All were buried in mass graves (many of which are still there). However, The Red House earned it's even more infamous name from it being used by The Japanese as a ''pleasure house''. Local women (some say in the hundreds), were taken by force to the house and subjected to rape and other forms of sexual depravity. Many died (were killed) by The Japanese – but some did survive. These few living ''veterans'' are quite revered by The Philippine Government as National Heroes.

While many have felt over the years that The Red House needs to be torn down (it is rather amazing that it still has survived years of storm damage and overall neglect). Other want it to remain (even conserved) as a monument to The Japanese atrocities (of which Japan still has not apologized to The Philippine Government) – committed.

Over the years, most Locals avoid The Red House and surrounding grounds. Reports of Orbs, ''shapes'' seen wandering through The House (without any light source it seems), and even screams and cries for help – are often heard. Many say they still ''see'' the repeated ''images'' of the many men being killed by the Japanese (in an almost ghostly repeat of events long past).