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By Crusader1307

Common to both Jewish and Islamic Faith systems, ''Azrael'' is identified as an ''Angel of God''. ''He'' also assumed the role of The ''Angel of Death''. Azrael guides all Souls to Judgment in The Hereafter. Descriptions vary greatly through the Centuries and with both Religions views. Most Jewish version give Him a ''Human'' appearance, Robed and often with Angelic Wings. Islamic versions paint Him somewhat more frightening. Azrael has ''Eyes and Tongues to represent each Soul in The World''. God, writes the name of those He has ''called'', onto a ''Golden Leaf'' This name is given to Azrael, who then travels to Earth to ''collect'' both ''The Just and Unjust''. Azrael takes no sides in His task. Azrael is not to be confused with The ''Angel of Death'' which visited Egypt and took (at God's command) the firstborn Male of each House, as payment for Pharaoh's arrogance.