Aun The Old

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By Crusader1307

An ancient Norse (and later Swedish) Myth, ''Aun The Old'' was said to have been a Ruler of Sweden in 1,000 AD. He wished to rule His Kingdom forever, so hence sought out a means of immortality. Imploring The Gods, Aun was faced with a problem. The Gods would give Him His wish, but He would have to sacrifice His children (which were a substantial lot) – once each 10 years. Reluctant, He did. Never growing old with each sacrifice, Aun's Kingdom would grow and grow. However Aun grew repentant with His choice and refused to kill another Child. A such, Aun began to slowly grow with age. Hundreds of years into His ''curse'', Aun would die of old age in His bed. As a consequence of Aun's Legend, many Swedish call ''Aun's Sickness'' as the cause of ''dying in One's sleep of Old Age''.