Argus Panotes

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By Crusader1307

Greek (and later Roman), The Argus Panotes was a mythos involving a Giant Race of Humanoid Creatures noted for sporting ''hundreds of eyes'', which covered the entirety of their face and head. A common warning used in Ancient Greece was said to be ''Beware, The Eyes of Argus Follow You'' (meaning to be wary). Argus was first mentioned in Poems as early as the 5th Century BC (and was also depicted in Regional Art). Guardians of The People of Mycene The Argus are also said to a form of Titan (created in part by The King of The Gods, Zeus). They protect not on ly land, but livestock. Hence, it is assumed, the need for many eyes, allowing them to both ''sleep and stay awake''. The Argus are also said to have migrated (at least in literary form) to Ancient Egypt.