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By Crusader1307

In ''Renaissance'' Magic (which is a combination of Hemetism and Neo-Platonic Practices), ''Aratron'' was one of the Seven Principle Deities both worshiped and commonly invoked during Rituals. ''He'' is also part of the identifier ''Olympic Spirits''. These were seen as Elemental Beings responsible for the Creation of The Universe and all things ''therein''. Much of this Belief System was very similar to aspects of Satanism, especially in establishing a Deities ''place'' within The ''Unseen Realm''. Aratron was seen as an Alchemist was commanded ''over'' 17 Million ''Souls''. These Souls were neither Evil nor Good, according to The Renaissance'' Magic System. He was also associated with The Planet Saturn. It's Planetary placement (as visible from Earth) and can be seen as a bright Star (in the early morning part of the year and the evening sky the second half). Aratron is invoked for knowledge.