• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

The Greek Goddess associated with Love, Beauty, Sensuality and Procreation ''Aphrodite'' was known as ''Venus'' when adopted by the later Romans. So widely worshiped (even by Sparta) Aphrodite had many Temples, Priestesses, and Rituals. Most of these were for fertility and childbirth. Aphrodite was also invoke by Prostitution and Her icon featured prominently in many Brothels. Married to The God Hephaestus God of Blacksmithing and Metalworking, Aphrodite was in a constant state of ''disloyalty'' to Her Husband and had many Human and Immortal Lovers. It was thought that Aphrodite was a major cause in what was known to History as The Trojan War (by allowing the love affair of Helen and Paris). Portrayed in Art as a ''stunningly beautiful Woman'', Aphrodite is also shown as either a White Dove or Swan frequently in Literature from The Era. She was also a major figure in various Pagan Religions such as Wicca.