Apache Tears

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By Crusader1307

 ''Apache Tears'' are a naturally occurring geological remnant of volcanic activities which were present in what would become The American Southwest – millions of years ago. Consisting of obsidian, they are also seen as glass-like Rhyolite. They are commonly a dark black or even green in color. The are small (fragmentary) or some specimens are palm-sized. They figure into Native American Mythology – in particular The Apache Tribes of The Southwest. Although unclear as to to ''if'' they were called ''Tears'' by The Apaches – US Cavalry Forces in The Regions identified them as such as early as the 1870s-1880s. Per Legend, a Force of Apache Warriors engaged US Forces at The Battle of Superior Mountain (1873). Without a retreat, The Warriors faced certain death. To spare themselves dishonor in ''The Afterlife'', all 75 Warriors mounted their Ponies and jumped off the Mountain – falling to their deaths. Their Families came to The Mountain and cried so hard and with so much grief, that their ''tears turned to stone'' (hence the name ''Apache Tears''.