• Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Yet another Japanese ''Yokai'', The ''Aonyobo'' was a vicious Spirit that brought ''misery and famine'' to various Regions. ''She'' is also associated with Poverty. The Aonyobo assumes a Human form that of a Feudal Noblewoman, wearing a ''tattered Kimono''. She is covered in cobwebs. Further to enhance ''Her'' already scary visage The Aonyobo paints Her face in thick white paint (as The Kuboki), with exaggerated facial features. Her teeth are ''black'' and Her breath is ''foul''. Legends have several origin ''stories'' for The Aonyobo. One is that they are the Spirits of Noblewomen who were never married off, and died as Spinsters. Others, that they are Noblewomen who died without fully enjoying their wealthy life. They still inhabit broken down wealthy homes (ala Haunted House). They are constantly painting their faces trying to look good for Guests that will never come. Should One be brave enough to enter a Home haunted by a Aonyobo be warned. She will trap you inside, drive you insane and devour your Corpse. Quite a Japanese ''Horror Story''.................