• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

Animism is a Belief System common among Indigenous People, that relates to all things  especially Animals, having a distinct Spirit which interacts with Humankind. This is a type of personification. Further, Animal Spirits are seen as effective measure of protection and communing with deceased Ancestors (in some Cultures). Much of Native American Culture is full of Animism origins to a particular Tribe (and greatly revered). Animism can also be applied to a lesser degree natural Objects such as Rock and Trees. Many Ceremonies and Rituals involve the assuming of roles by Shaman and Medicine Men by which they dress as a particular animal whose Spirit is to be invoked. Often, they ''become possessed'' by such spirits and can in this way, interact with Members during a trance like Ritual. Often the use of psychotrophic chemicals derived from foods are used as a means to ''enhance'' contact.. Pagan Religions and Beliefs such as The Druids and Wiccans were believers in Animism.