• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

The Madagascar (Africa) Malagasy Peoples (an off-shoot of The Bantu), have a Progenitor Deity known as Andriamahilala. ''She'' is seen as the ''First Woman'' so created by the ''Great God'', and ''Mother'' to all Man. Along with Her Husband – Andriambahomanana, populated The Earth. But all were immortal, for Man then knew no death. The Creator God saw this was a ''problem'' and devised a plan to maintain Order with all Nature. He ''asked'' His children to pick the manner. Andrianmahilala chose to die ''as the Banana Plant''. Just before it begins to wither, it puts forth shoots that continue to grow (and so forth). The Creator God did so, ensuring that future females can give birth to continue Life. He was also so impressed with Adriamahilala, that He placed Her ''Spirit'' into The night sky as The Moon. The Malagasy say that ''She'' lives and dies (Lunar Cycle) – and is ''reborn''.