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By Crusader1307

Ambrosia was known as The ''Food of The Gods''. The consumption of Ambrosia was reserved for only Gods and Goddesses of Olympus (Home of The Gods). The exact composition is only guessed at, as it's ingredients changed from Legend to Legend. Humans were not allowed to eat of Ambrosia, for it could kill non-Immortals. Ambrosia was the only form of food the Gods ate, and it was thought that this was the real key to their Immortality. Ambrosia is also seen as a drink (depending on again The Writer or Myth). Some state that Ambrosia was a mixture of Honey and an unspecified Nectar. Whereas Gods did not have Human Blood, Ambrosia was seen as a major component to their ''health''. Ambrosia was ''gathered'' from an unknown location and taken to Olympus via Doves (as supervised by The Goddess Hebes).