''Amanda'', The Haunted Doll

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Yet ANOTHER Haunted Doll story (I know), but their so ''good'' and this one deserves it's rightful place in The Thread. This is the tale of ''Amanda'', a haunted doll that has a bit of a History (of course, if you believe any of it). According to a 1985 e-Bay (Internet) Market advertisement, ''Amanda'' was a vintage collector's figure from Germany. According to Her (then) present Owner, ''Amanda'' was from a German Toy Maker, constructed in 1884. ''Amanda'' (or at least Her porcelain Face and Head), were very popular. Unfortunately, it is unclear just how many ''Amandas'' were manufactured. The Model is equally unclear. Some versions cite that it is the likeness of The Maker's Wife (taken from Him too soon by death), other's a daughter (likewise). When sold online, the Seller stated that ''Amanda'' is fine until One stops spending time (playing) with Her. As with most children, their attentions change with age. Old toys are often forgotten and tucked away for new ''adventures''. After several months of ''neglect'', The Family of ''Amanda'' reported having very lucid nightmares. Nightmares in which ''Amanda'' was seen as being very animated (walking and talking). Angry, she breaks cups, plates and glasses. When Family members awoke, they found that indeed, ''things were broken''.

Each night it got worse. When they tried to put The Doll up in a closet or box, ''Amanda'' would be found in the morning – sitting on a bed or chair – waiting to ''play''. One night, ''Amanda'' got very animated it seems. A Family member stated that in their ''dream'' – ''Amanda'' jumped on their legs and began to scratch them. The pain became so real, that the Family Member awoke. Upon examining Her injuries, She found small scratches all over Her feet and legs, as if ''made by tiny hands''. The Family Member then looked over at the end of their bed. There sat ''Amanda'', but not with the ''sweet'' painted face She normally has. In it's place was a ''demonic smile'' and ''black eyes''. She was put up for sale the next day. At some point, Owners of a ''Haunted Doll Museum'' (Atlanta, Georgia, US) – purchased ''Amanda'' (yes, there apparently is such a thing as a ''Haunted Doll Museum''). When a Medium ''examined'' the curse figurine, they reported it ''housed a malicious Spirit''. The Doll was sealed in a glass case and put on display (promptly). Employees and Nightwatchmen have all reported (at some point) – hearing ''small scratching noises'' coming from the case, as if ''Amanda'' is ''trying to escape''.

As Robert Ripley once said (wait for it)....''Believe It or Not''.........