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By Crusader1307

From Catalan (Spain) Mythology – The Aloja or ''Water Women'' were said to be Feminine Spirits that lived near and at water sources. Should a Man try and bath in such water – it will boil! (The Spirits do not like the company of Men apparently). They are also said to be able to transform into Blackbirds. Despite their dislike of Men, they do need them to procreate, as they are not immortal creatures. They can however live for 1,000 years. They are smaller than a Human Female (4 feet) and are very beautiful. The ''benefit'' of being a ''Mate'' to a Aloja, was great wealth and fortune. This however came with a catch. A Man can never tell of ''who'' His wife really is. To do so, The Aloja will vanish from sight, take any children conceived and finally, all riches will disappear.