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By Crusader1307

 An Ancient Cornwall (England) Custom, ''Allantide'' is still celebrated on October 31st as an ''alternative'' to The Pagan ''Holiday'' known as ''Samhain'' (and later traditional ''Halloween''). The primary Ritual observances are the ''ringing'' of Church Bells – seen as a means of providing a measure of ''peace'' to those Souls in Purgatory. The other most common celebration if the giving of a local ''fruit'' called an Allan Apple''. Larger and more juicier than a regular Apple, these are given as ''gifts for Good Luck''. The Tradition is based of the earlier Medieval ''Feast of St, Allan'' and ''Hollantide''. Some Regions of Cornwall also refer to The Day as ''Allhallowtide'', which combines traditions of all (3) Ancient Customs.