All Soul's Day

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By Crusader1307

''All Soul's Day'' is a Christian Devotional period, in which Church Members pray for The Souls of those (remembered), who were in Purgatory. In Western and eastern Rite Catholicism, it is believed that these prayer ''lessen'' their sufferings and ''hasten'' their ''purification'' into ''Heavenly Grace''. Dating to the 6th Century AD, ''All Soul's Day'' was once a ''movable'' Feast Day (changing dates according to a Liturgical Calendar), but is now celebrated on November 2nd (yearly). It was also widely believed that The Devotional was orchestrated to counter the Pagan Holiday and Beliefs of ''Samhain'' (as seen as a Heretical Practice). This ideology placed October 30th and 31st as a time when ''The Veil'' between ''Our World and The Spirit Realm'' was so ''thin'', that all manner of ''Evil Spirit and Demon'' was set loose. The Prayer invoked for All Soul's Day not only ''eased the suffering of Purgatory – but was a powerful ''Exorcism Prayer'' against The Devil and ''All Evil''. In the 16th Century AD, ''All Soul's Day'' was placed after ''All Saint's Day'' (November 1st) – another Day seen as being used to Honor The Catholic Saints in Heaven with The ''Liturgy of Saints'' (itself appearing as a powerful anti-Evil Prayer used in Exorcism).