Alfred Bulltop Stormalong

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By Crusader1307

 A traditional American ''Tall Tale'' (Myth), ''Alfred Bulltop Stormalong'' was a Nautical character first found (in part), in many ''Sea Shanty'' (working songs), of both American and English Sailors. Dating to the 1830s, Stormalong (a phrase given to a Sailor who worked in both ''foul weather and fine), would actually become an ''Epic Figure'' in a series of 1930s books. Said to have been born 18-feet tall, Stormalong grew so tall that He moved from Cape Cod to Boston and became a Sailor. He signed His name ''AB'' – which was said to have been the ''origins'' of the use of the Sailing term ''Able Bodied'' (for a fit and ready Sailor). But Stormalong kept growing, until no Ship could hold Him. At the height of 30-feet tall, Stormalong had to built His own Ship. Said to be so large, it actually had ''hinged'' Masts, so that it would not snag on The Moon when passing underneath!

Alfred would go on to perform ''great feats'' of legendary status. One day, while not paying attention – His Ship ''bounced into'' Panama (South America), so hard – it ''created'' The Panama Canal when it ''ploughed thru''. In another, Stormalong's Ship ''got stuck'' in The English Channel. Using grease along the Hull of the Ship to ''squeak thru'', the combination of friction, grease and dirt from the surround Cliffs turned The ''Gray Cliffs of Dover'' – ''White''. Stormalong would go one to be involved in MANY such ''amazing feats''. He was also said to be bitter Enemies with the mythical Kraken (Sea Monster). He would constantly fight with the massive Beast. He would eventually trap the Monster in a Cyclone at Sea (which is why ''It'' no longer troubles Sailors or Ships today). Stormalong's ''end'' is also colorful and varied. One version, the most popular, has a now ''aged'' Alfred Bulltop was challenged to a race across The Atlantic by a ''Steamship Captain'' (Stormalong was an ''Age of Sail'' Skipper and didn't like such technology). Although He eventually won the task so tired His body – He died. It was said that the mythical ''Caretaker of The Sea'' Davy Jones personally came to collect His remains and conduct them to the depths.