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By Crusader1307

From Ancient Greek Mythos, ''Alcyneus'' was one of the ancient Race of Beings known as The Gigantes (or Giants), which were seen as Demi-Gods and Daemons. Said to have been the offspring of Gaia (Wife of Uranus and born from His blood upon castration for an offense against The God-Ruler Zeus), Alcyneus would be pitted against the Greek Hero Hercules (during His ''Labors'' or Epic adventures). The Gigante's special ability was both in strength and that He was immortal and could not be killed (provided He never left His land). Given aid in the form of a magical Arrow from The Goddess Athena, Hercules struck Alcyneus – but as predicted, He did not die only fell wounded. Based on what Athena advised Hercules regarding Alcyneus other ''weakness'', Hercules drug His body off His lands – and He died.