Aka Manah

  • Demons and Devils
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By Crusader1307

A Persian and Zoroastrian Deity, ''Aka Manah'' is a Demon God of Sensuality and Temptation. His name means ''Evil Purpose''. He is the ultimate tempter, who used all manner of Vice to One away from One's ''true'' spiritual purpose. In this, ''Aka Manah'' is similar to Europe's ''Incubus and Succubus''. He is first mentioned in Sacred Texts around the 7th Century AD . He also bears a striking ''resemblance'' to The Christian version of ''Lucifer''. Mostly Human in appearance, ''Aka Manah'' has the ''face'' of a Reptile and is associated with other images of Death, such as Skulls and Bones. He had (8) appendages and carry several Swords for inficting destruction. His very name is said to be a Curse.