• Demons and Devils
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By Crusader1307

In Ancient Irish Mythos – Aillen was a member of that equally mysterious Race of Beings called The Tuatha De Danann. ''He'' resided in The Underworld and was also known as ''The Burner''. A ''Fire Elemental'', Aillen would best be described as a Demon. The Being spewed fire from His mouth (breath). Humanoid in depictions, Aillen also played The Harp and was said to have a ''beautiful singing voice''. According to ancient myths, each Samhain (The Beginning of Winter), Aillen would rise from The Underworld to destroy The Town of Tara. He would lull the Townspeople to sleep with His lyrical voice and then release His fearsome breath. A local Hero, Fionn – took a magical elixir to remain awake and killed Aillen before He could do damage.