• The Occult
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By Crusader1307

A Divination Practice, ''Aichmomany'' is One's ability to determine The Future by the use of pointed objects (a Knife, Spearhead or related). Such Objects were normally ''made'' or infused with ''magical incantations'' – designed to enhance their ''abilities''. A specialized board or covering is so placed on the ground, onto which is placed a series of numbers (1 thru 24). By spinning the particular Object, it's rotation – when ending, will place the blade point at a specific number. The number corresponds to either an emotion or ''need'' (future). Love, Death, Births etc. - could be determined by a skilled ''Reader''. Used prior to the 7th Century AD in some European Countries, Aichmomancy would be replaced (by and large), by a similar practice involving straight Pins.