• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

The Haitian (Voodoo), ''Agwe'' are seen of of as Protectors Sailors, Sea and The Life therein. Part of a larger Loa Family, who each foster a different protection of The Ocean Waters. There are (5) known Deities. ''Met'', ''Arroyo'', ''Papa'', ''Flambeau'' and ''Ge-Rouge''. They can be seen as One or Multi-Brings and are classes as Elementals. ''Sea Colors'', such as blue, green, white and brown are most associated with The Agwe. The use of a Conch Shell (blowing thru) and the firing of Rifles (into the air), will summon The Agwe. Those ''possessed'' by The Agwe are said to roll around in chairs (with rollers, of course) and use a Cane (provided) as an Oar. They ''shout'' Naval (Ship) Commands. The possessed must be kept ''wet'' through the use of towels or sponges. Offerings are normally alcohol (in small drops added to The Ocean) or rafts of food allowed to be taken by the tide. IF the raft sinks, it is accepted by The Agwe.