Aether (Paranormal)

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By Crusader1307

From The Ancient Greek meaning ''Pure Air'', Aether was seen as an area of Space between the upper atmosphere of The Earth and The Universe (in totality). This belief was carried onward into The Medieval Era as a ''Natural Element''. While Science has proven Aether is an archaic scientific viewpoint, it is still very much seen as a tangible ''realm'' within The so-called ''Spirit World''. According to some Practices (Witchcraft of all kinds and Folk Magic Beliefs) this ''substance'' is where The Gods (Spirits and Demons) reside. Aether is seen as that ''invisible World'' occupied by Ghosts and other Paranormal Activities and is often used by Mediums to ''breach the void'' between ''This World and The Next''. In many scenarios of Hoaxes concerning such in the 19th and early20th Centuries Fake Mediums and Confidence types would ''produce'' samples of the ''unnatural gas'' as easily as they did Ectoplasm. Humans (in a Living form) cannot breathe Aether, as it would kill as quickly as the deadliest of known gases.