• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

 As we have seen in Ancient Greek Mythology, The Gods were actually a Race of both Old and Young Deities. The Older – being The Titans (First Rulers) were eventually defeated by The Olympians. In Ancient Norse Mythos, a similar development existed between The Vanir (Old Gods) and Aesir (Young Gods). Split into Clans (as speculated due to a lack of writings), the two also entered into a Celestial War for supremacy. The Aesir (Odin, Thor, and most other readily identified Norse Gods) – were seen as Power and War, while The Vanir were Fertility and Cultivation. The duration and final battle between The Two God Clans have survived only in sketchy prose. What is known is that The Aesir won. Norse Mythos almost forgot The Vanir in lieu of the more warlike Aesir (by which The Norse began to emulate in not only their Culture, but in their Warrior ethos as well.