• The Occult
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By Crusader1307

An oft used and seldom understood ''term'' -  ''Abracadabra'' has no real origin. Attributed to 2nd Century AD Rome, even in this - Historians debate. The term has become a focus for Magical ''Acts'' of Illusion as well as fodder for Literature's ''take'' of Magic and Sorcery. In The Gnostic Religious Belief System, the term was used to protect One from Spirits. In Medieval Europe, ''Abracadabra'' was used as a Talisman. During The Great Plague in England of the 14th Century AD -  many Londoners carved or wrote the word on their doors as a means of ''fighting'' the disease. The phrase, which is more ''mystical'' in speech than an actual invocation -  has no real bearing in actual Sorcery ''practices''.