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By Crusader1307

Bolivian Folklore is full of many strange Creatures and Entities. Like most Cultures, Bolivia too has legends of ''Dark Figures'' which mirror the myth of The European Vampire. Abchanchu is one. The Entity is thought ot be a form of Ancient Demon, which never achieved Humanity. A blood drinker, Abchanchu assumes the form of an elderly and helpless Old Man. When One stops to help or give alms – He strikes, taking on His ''true form'' (of which nothing is really known). All that is found in the end, a dead victim drained of all blood! Abchanchu ''hunts'' in the many alleys and dark spaces of ALL City's in Bolivia (or so it is said). He ''hates'' sunlight, - not because it destroys H8im (as with a traditional vampire), but drains Him of all power, making Him weak. Only silver can kill a Abchanchu.