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By Crusader1307

Also known as ''The Fields of Aaru'' or ''The Fields of Reeds'', Aaru was a mythical Paradise (similar to The Underworld of Roman Mythos). It was Ruled at one time by Osiris and guarded over by The Ogdoads. In Egyptian Afterlife mythology, ''Aaru'' was also part of The Ka (or Spiritual Soul found in all Humans). In practice, a Soul was ''weighed''' for purity by Anubis. If a Soul was worthy, it would be sent to Aaru where all ''earthly'' pleasures and ''wants'' were met for all Eternity. If not, then it was rendered up to Ammit (and as has been previously discussed was not a pleasurable experience!). A series of 15 Gates led to Aaru, each guarded by a Demon. A truly pure Soul would have no fear of such Guards and be able to pass. Aaru was common throughout most of Ancient Egyptian History.