''A Jonah''

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By Crusader1307

A Nautical Term, should someone be unlucky enough to seen as a ''Jonah'' – on a Ship of any Class, was to be infused with extreme Bad Luck. Deriving from The Biblical character Jonahs, whose disobedience towards God, earned Him to be punished by being tossed overboard from a Ship and being ''swallowed'' by a Whale – the term became part and parse ''Naval Tradition'' (in England), in the 18th Century AD. Some Sailors, especially those who were too clumsy to not as apt to learn their tasks more quickly, were often dubbed a ''Jonah''. Often, Sailors would ''blame'' all forms of bad luck on such persons. In fact, Sailors would often inflict cruel forms of punishment towards such Men, as a means of having such removed (by fair or foul means) from a Ship. Today, the term is not oft used, but is still known among Navies of The World.