A Haunted Celebrity

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 5 mins

By Crusader1307

 While we most often see and hear of ''Haunted'' places (Houses, locations etc), could such malevolence even follow people? The following is a very strange case which began in the 1920s and would supposedly endure until 1969. While many can cite ''circumstance'' as the cause (or even no relation at all), ''something'' odd did occur. You be the ultimate Judge.......

Paul Bren was a Metro Goldwyn Mayer Film Producer and Director of some note during Hollywood's ''Golden Age''. His ''fame'' would extend to His marriage to iconic Screen Actress Jean Harlow (The ''Platinum Blonde''). Bren purchased a lavish - but modest home by then Hollywood standards, in Beverly Hills. The two lived there. But Harlow, on more than one occasion complained to friends of ''feelings of dread and depression'', while in the 2-story home. Even Bren's personality began to change somewhat, although many cite His investigation by Studio Authorities of mismanaging funds.

Regardless of the outcome, Bren felt that He would be fired and blackballed – in essence ruining His career one way or another. Said to be angry and depressed, Bren took His revolver and shot himself in the head. He was discovered by Harlow, who ran screaming from the house. The death was determined to be a suicide by The Police. Harlow never quite recovered from the shock. Although She went on to met and fall in love with Screen legend Clark Gable, a series of strange illnesses cropped up for Harlow. She died of Cerebral Edema at the age of 26 in 1937.

The Bren Home stayed vacant until Hollywood Make-Up Pioneer Jay Sebring brought it. Sebring, well known for His innovative approach to Hairstyling and Make-Up, made him very much in demand in the 1960s by many well known Celebrities. It was in this role, that Sebring met and fell in love with an unknown but up and coming Starlet. Her name.....Sharon Tate. Although much younger than Sebring, the two would make plans to marry. Tate moved into The Beverly Hills home of Sebring. Sebring, whose talents kept Him away for many weeks, left Tate to keep House. Soon, the odd events began.

Tate told friends of ''terrifying and vivid dreams'' in which while in the house, She ''saw'' an ''older Man, dressed in 1930s clothing'', clamoring thru the house. He ''appeared almost see thru'' (as Tate put it to friends). Tate would follow the ''Man'' to the 2nd Floor. Tate said She ''witnessed'' the Man ''shoot himself in the head'' and fall to the ground. Soon after, Tate said that a ''blonde woman was then seen running into the room.....screaming''. The scene was too much for Sharon, who would then run from the room, heading for the stairs leading Her to the lower floors.

But as soon as Tate made it to the landing of the 2nd Floor, She saw what appeared to be a much younger ''blonde woman with long hair'', Her arms tied to the Stair Bannister – this ''figure'' was limp and not moving. Tate later recalled that when She went down the Stairs and ''examined'' the woman, she was apparently dead with Her throat cut. The pure shock of the scene was made even more terrifying for Tate, due to the fact that the ''woman'' looked like Her!

Fast forward in time. Tate's lucid dreams never wavered and were only experienced in The Bren House. So distraught, Tate often had friends stay with Her when Sebring was away – becoming too scared to sleep in the house by Herself. In time however, Tate and Sebring grew apart and ended their relationship. The too however still remained very close friends. Tate went on to become more well known in Film circles, with a Career that was beginning to take off. She caught the attention of Foreign Film Director Roman Polanski and soon the two fell in love. Tate would become pregnant with His Child. But much like Sebring, Polanski was away much of the time.

Sharon brought a small Home on Cielo Drive in The Benedict Canyon portion of Hollywood. It was secluded (which Tate wanted). Still having an issue ''staying alone'', Tate asked Sebring and several other friends to ''keep Her company'' on the night of August 8, 1969. Settling in for a quite night, the Group would nonetheless have ''visitors'' that night. Members of Cult Leader Charles Manson – known as ''The Family'', were given the horrific task to search out the ''rich and powerful'' and slaughter them. Manson knew (due to the recent racial tensions in Los Angeles and elsewhere), that people would ''blame'' African Americans – thus starting a ''Race War'' (one of Manson's goals needed to establish Himself as the next ''God'' to people).

Associates broke into The Cielo Home and tied up all, including a very pregnant Tate. Then they systematically strangled, shot or stabbed the victims. Phrases were written in the victims own blood on the walls of the home, meant to incite Manson's ''War''. Tate and Her unborn child suffered the most from their attack. Slowly strangled, She was stabbed repeatedly until dead.

Could Tate have seen a foretelling of Her own demise when She witnessed the suicide of Paul Bren? Some cite that perhaps Bren's Home was in some way cursed or haunted by evil forces which would (and did) manipulate those who lived there. The Bren Home was sold (and rented) several times over between 1937 and 1969. But most never stayed longer than a few years and no Owners ever gave a full accounting as to why they needed to leave the lucrative property. The Home has been investigated by Paranormal Experts several times (the last in the 1980s). While result were inconclusive, they all state that ''something'' Paranormal does in fact ''exist''. The Bren Home, while always keep immaculate with it's simple gardens and 1920s construction, is still to date.....vacant.