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Firefly Studios YouTube channel

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Hey, guys. As you have noticed, Firefly has been a little more active on YouTube these days, so I decided to make this thread, as some of the videos are not related to any of their games in particular.


So here we go with the newest one.




Too bad they didn't decide to answer these questions from YouTube comments, but they were only replying to some questions from Facebook. But they do answer some of our questions in the comments, that's something as well. :)


In one of replies at YouTube I suggested them to update their AI castles with the ones made by Doomsword, and to update the two Williams castles with the two castles of mine. These changes would make the game a lot more fun!

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Thanks for sharing this link, EaglePrince.

Good to see they are maintaining a YouTube channel now. Will be interesting to see what they broadcast in the future.


Also, this leads us again to their YouTube video on


As we were talking about the game engine, there are two mentions of this at 4:15 and at 5:55, where they say that they made the SH2 engine themselves.


That is what I find really interesting. If they made (and therefor own) the engine, then I find it hard to understand why they are not making any improvements to the game itself. I mean, all the new stuff for the Steam edition is related to the Steam integration. But there would be a few rather small changes in the SH2 engine, which would mean a huge improvement to gameplay. Just to name 3 that come to mind right away: AI in multiplayer games, saving multiplayer games, auto-by/sell at the market.


All of those have been added to SH Legends.

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