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  1. Should mention I'm only ever logged in on one device with one tab open, so I doubt it's an issue with syncing to multiple devices with the same IP address. Then again I do have NAT issues on my network.
  2. I occasionally encounter that error when attempting to Submit or Preview a post (I end up going back and pressing it a second time, and it works).
  3. Ah yes, the mandatory courses to turn you into a """well-rounded adult""" ... my favorite! :lol: Everyone I know who writes PHP hates it with a burning passion. So glad to know someone who likes it, for when I eventually have to learn it. I won't be so scared now. :D I wish I knew a useful language. :P
  4. Everything I have read says no. Releasing the source code of a game to the public is essentially the same as releasing a game for free. While there could be a license restricting the use of the code, it's almost impossible to enforce licenses on open source material, especially on an international level. Chris seemed to sum it up quite well. In theory there are decompilers that could try to translate the compiled binary code into something human-readable, but I can't help here for legal reasons. While searching for info about other conversations people had about the code, I stumbled across an open source reimplementation of Stronghold 1, but I would feel uncomfortable linking it here since it looks like it uses graphical assets from SH1. It isn't illegal to make a new game engine entirely from your own code, but things like graphics and audio are usually copyrighted. One open source workaround is to rely on an installation of the base game in order to actually run. See: openMW and KaM Remake. Granted, Bethesda gave their blessing to OpenMW after certain conditions were agreed to. An open source reimplementation would be far easier to modify, but it would be like "reinventing the wheel" for something like changing colors. It's really unlikely that the source code for any of the Stronghold games will ever be released, since copies of the HD re-releases are selling on Steam.
  5. Hi @ImTheFrostbite. I'm not familiar with how Stronghold 2 does color selection. In SH1 and SHC, colors for players were saved as part of the map file, and could be changed in a hexadecimal editor like HexEdit, which allows you to change the RGB color scheme. HexEdit will allow you to read the binary code in hexadecimal, which is a bit easier for a human to read. RGB is fairly standard. It allows you to pick a value between 0 and 255 for each of Red, Green, and Blue. This color picker will show you the 0-255 decimal values as well as the hexadecimal value for each color. For example, red is ff0000. I suggest you make a blank "demo" map with some troops on it and try to open the file in HexEdit, that way nothing will go wrong with the game itself.
  6. I know that feeling! Always a relief to be done with them. Haha, it's actually my favorite language I've learned yet. Granted I also enjoyed the course I took where I had to write in x86 assembly, so I guess it's a matter of taste. I also was sort of "forced" to learn C prior to C++ for a course where we wrote our own (very poor) operating system. Can't say I enjoyed that one! :lol: Will be looking forward to seeing them. Unfortunately there's not much focus on HTML in my program, but I will be taking an elective in web development next semester, so will see. Glad to hear from you @EaglePrince! I'm hoping to learn C# at some point. I may have mentioned it before, but I am also studying mathematics at the same time as computer science (albeit at just the undergrad level :)). While I'm focusing more on statistics based courses, I have taken a course in abstract algebra, so I know some of the very basics of group theory. I look forward to it! Indeed it has! Glad to be back. My last few summers (and semesters) were quite hectic. Hopefully this one will be less so. In my opinion, C++ was a lot like Java when it comes to syntax, and that it's object-oriented. Classes have header files though, which is a carryover from C with its prototypes, which can throw some people off. Also I find the official documentation to be a bit lacking. Some people who have taken courses with me still don't understand how to instantiate classes in their Main() and that's a problem! :lol: I prefer C++ to Java but I may be biased since I was a less experienced programmer when I learned Java. Also one of my favorite professors, who specializes in the low level / hardware side of things, prefers lower level languages, so I guess some of that rubbed off on me. Although at this point I think I would better appreciate the libraries in Java and Python that can be imported, which simply don't exist in C. :D
  7. Thanks for the kind words. The last few years have been some of my busiest, but I've been doing well in school so I'd say it's worth it. I spent a bit of yesterday going through the topics I've missed (only "skimming" the history section ... for now :)). Still want to get caught up with the folks around here, maybe organize something fun before I vanish for another semester. My friends in real life were also wondering where I was for some time. I wasn't captured by a secret government organization or anything exciting like that, sadly. Just sitting in a small dark room writing code. :lol:
  8. Hello all. Been a while since I posted here (20 October 2017 according to the site). Hoping to stay active here during my summer break. I've just finished my third year of university, still working on Computer Science. One more year left. I can now say I'm familiar with C++ and several other languages (does HTML count? :P ). Also wanted to congratulate and [user]Mathew Steel] on their recent(ish) promotions. You guys deserve the recognition! How have you all been?
  9. Necroposting, but I think you'd like it. Make sure to watch some videos before purchasing. Mount & Blade was the first game and is single-player (campaign) only. It had some mods that were made for it before Mount & Blade: Warband came out, but most have since migrated to Warband (which has single-player campaign as well as various multiplayer modes). So if you are to buy one of the two, Warband is the superior choice. There have been several spin-off games like Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, and Blood and Gold: Caribbean! ... These games also have multiplayer but are fairly dead, and have almost no mods. I cannot recommend these unless you enjoy their very "niche" settings. Caribbean! is cool in that there are full on naval battles like in Sid Meier's: Pirates! and has more tactical battles. Finally there's the DLC question. Warband has two: Napoleonic Wars, and Viking Conquest. NW once had a very large community (I led a regiment/clan of 15 or so guys at one point), and while there aren't as many events now there's still plenty of groups that play on weekends (or you can just play solo). NW has no singleplayer component, but I believe there is a mod in progress that uses the mod's assets and lets you follow around Napoleon and fight in his battles. Viking Conquest has both single-player and multiplayer. The singleplayer version has naval battles where you can sail around from Ireland to Norway to Holland and everything in between. You can play a sandbox game in VC (you can choose to start as a count or king instead of just a wandering warrior), and there is also a story mode where you get to meet Ragnar Lodbrok's sons and do their dirty work. The multiplayer bit has game modes nearly identical to Native (what people call the unmodded base game of Warband) but usually far fewer players. Mount & Blade: Bannerlord is being worked on. It is a full fledged revamp of Warband with new graphics and plenty of new features, but it will probably be in development for quite a while, and people with lower end computers will likely stick with Warband. TL;DR - Get Warband, and see if either of its DLC interests you before getting them.
  10. Hi folks! I thought I'd let you know that I'm still alive and well. Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit the site as much as I'd like, since I've been very busy. If you're wandering what I've been up to, I am now in my second year of university. I am majoring in both computer science and mathematics, so I have 5 hours of (nearly) back to back classes during the week. On weekends I do homework and keep up with errands. Still, I am going to try to make a conscientious effort to visit Stronghold Nation when I am able to. If any of you ever need me in a hurry, I am typically logged into Steam when I am home (even when I am "away from keyboard") unless I'm working on something. :) P.S. I have the Stronghold games and everyone on this forum to thank for nudging me in the direction of computer science. Ever since I was a kid with a discount "jewel box" version of Stronghold Crusader, I have enjoyed working with computers. For those interested, I learned Python my first year in an "intro" class, and am currently learning Java alongside the basics of object oriented programming. If any of you are familiar with code, you'll know that this is the base for designing games (or any serious programs with a decent user interface), so it's quite possible that my final project for this semester may be a RTS game ... but I'll say no more. :D
  11. Hm, this is something worth talking about. It seems it only worked once as your horsemen and archers quickly took care of the carts. To be fair, it was more of a last ditch effort to delay your troops rather than part of my over all strategy. :lol: Also - good map Nigel! I'm thinking of making something similar to your map (big castle with small army, a couple big armies with no castle). We'll see how it goes! :D
  12. Sorry I hadn't noticed this sooner. Anniversaries can be tough. I lost a close family member a little over a month ago, so I can sympathize. Because of the nature of my relationship with this person, there wan't anything "left to do" but I imagine you and quite a few of this person's true friends have felt like there were a whole lot of should've, could've, would've's. This is especially tough; I've lost two family members in the past who I felt this way about, but I later realized that I showed my love for these people by being their friends while they were healthy, and by helping to take care of them when they got sick. I don't mean to "excuse" the behavior of anyone on social media who is acting it up, but it's possible a couple of them genuinely wish they could have been nicer to this person while he/she was alive. At the same time, it is too late to stop "pretending" when someone has joined their ancestors. On the other hand, with my recent loss and one of the previous ones (both men were fatherly types to me) I also noticed a lot of "drama" from the same group, in both situations, of (perhaps coincidentally) females in the family. I know this "group" has members which have taken advantage of other people's misery in and outside the family, trying to get money and "sympathy" but move on when they realize the well has run dry. It really sucks, but there will always be people like this who weren't even friendly (or were outright nasty) to the person in life, who'll try to hog attention. The ones who do this are (if related) interested in money, or are really narcissistic and are very insecure about how others think of them - thus they must be given the most sympathy by pretending to hold the most grief. I am truly sorry that you have to deal with this, but I wouldn't take it personally. The narcissistic types will always try to manipulate emotion - they are conscious of the existence of emotion in other people, but don't always know (and never care) about how individuals feel. NPD ("narcissistic personality disorder") has recently come into light as a separate condition from psychopathy and sociopathy, but psychologists are typically poor at diagnosing it - what with modern civilized culture the way it is, there's a lot of undiagnosed narcs, with estimates reaching up to 20% of the population with this condition, and another estimated 20% who are just the opposite ("empaths" who are supersensitive to other people's emotions and very caring). TL;DR - because of science, some people are just jerks. Cherish your memories of your friend, because only you and he/she know about the good times you had.
  13. It's actually a mod for the "old" Stronghold 2 (not Crusader 2) - but it does make it look a lot like the new game! :) Also thought I should mention that the Desert Mod is first rate (my experience with it in the past) and should be compatible with multiplayer, even when playing with people without the mod, since it just changes textures. The Egyptian Walls mod also looks cool from the screenshots. The music pack should add some excitement too.
  14. After Geralt's revelation, the Prince was visibly furious. With a signal of his hand, Prince Sancho ordered the immediate execution of the two "merchants" by lance. Geralt and Goodman, although also annoyed at this new information, were still surprised by the young knight's ferocity. Goodman, accustomed to sometimes having to read men's souls, couldn't help but notice a flicker of darkness in Sancho's eyes ... but maybe it was just his old vision failing ... --- Meanwhile, in London: the King of England sits on his throne. A messenger appears. "Your Majesty, your loyal subject Duke Renault begs to report that his lands are under attack by soldiers of Aragon. He requests the assistance of the realm in repelling this invasion." "Very well," speaks the English king, turning to a nearby bailiff, "muster the Royal Guard. We shall ride to Duke Renault's castle and see what is the matter; we do not wish to provoke a conflict that may yet be handled peaceably. As for you, dear messenger, we thank thee for thine service. Return to your master with haste and inform him of what thou hast heard here." "... there is one other thing, sire ..." "What is it? Speak up!" "Knights bearing the emblem of Duke Christopher have assaulted my liege's men-at-arms. If the young lord's deeds go unpunished ..." "If this news is true, then we shall see justice done - as it shall be regardless of the details. Inform Lord Renault that I know he has allowed the Imperial Wolverine Guards to march through his lands unchecked on several occasions, on their way to raid those possessions of Lord Christopher. Let him know also that I am aware there is a faction of upstart lords in this country that would claim some titles - even the Crown - as their own, and that he and Lord Christopher must both prove their loyalties to the Realm in the coming weeks." "Aye, milord, it shall be done!"
  15. Wow, @Mathew Steel did an amazing job texturing the map while keeping the balance. This one's a keeper. :) And here it is (woohoo!): https://www.stronghold-nation.com/downloads/file/527-pillars-of-fate/
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