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I am new player of Stronghold Crusader II, but i was one of top players (multiplayer) in first part of the game.

I see the community is still alive, SHC 2 isn't a bad game, but developers leave it, a little bit.

As SHC 2 is still popular in multiplayer part of the game, i have an idea to make maybe small, but strong community, playing and conquer in this game. What do you think about some little tournaments? Little competition?


This site is a great opportunity, to not let this game die


Anyone is thinking in the same way i think?


Let's discuss about it !

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Welcome to Stronghold Nation, Azibeel!


The Community is NOT dead. We have many talented and dedicated Mapmakers and Players here. I am sure you will easily find some to Play and discuss Tactics.?


You will also find many interesting Forums for you to enjoy and please....feel free to join in!


Again, welcome to The Nation!

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Thanks for the reply, it's really Nice to hear that one of the last RTS series is still alive :)

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Welcome @Azibeel!


We regularly run our own tournaments and events in our Gaming Events section, but you can post your own topics in any specific game-related forum if you'd like to host tournaments .etc.

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Welcome to Stronghold Nation!


I could say that any Stronghold game has its community which plays the game in singleplayer and multiplayer as well. Even Stronghold 3 has its players who play it even in multiplayer. That is a good game too, pity many have given up Stronghold 3, in its own way it is the most advanced Stronghold game there is.


Well, every Stronghold game is original in its own way, and from today's perspective it is a good thing that we have many different games, and none of them is an attempt to revamp an old game, so we are able to pick the one we like most, and enjoy it no matter what is the release date. :)


You say that developers have left the game, or something like that, but I don't feel that way. I feel like Firefly is pretty much dedicated to their Stronghold games, though their priorities may not match out wishes. Truth to be told, I haven't found any time to play Crusader 2 lately, but I don't remember it having some critical bugs which need to be fixed. Am I wrong? If you meant about new DLC's, I am really happy to see them focusing a little bit on Stronghold Legends and Stronghold 2 to bring us Steam editions of these games. I cross my fingers for them to give us at least few of those things we were missing in Stronghold 2. :)


As for me, although I still prefer Crusader 1, Crusader 2 is really interesting too. Its warfare is somewhat simplified, but it does have many other good sides (while having laddermen not being one of them :P ).

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