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Firefly still work on Stronghold Crusader 2? Related to Stronghold 2

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Hi. Can you tell does Firefly still work on Stronghold Crusader 2? I haven't played it recently, so that's why I ask. It's not that I have some issues with the game and now I come here crying "what the hell", or something like that. :) I just wanted to know if they still work on this one, or if they have moved on on other projects? It's been a while since the latest DLC was released, since November 2015, so that's one reason why I asked myself this.

Another reason why I ask this is that I was thinking how many of us would love to have improved Stronghold 2 multiplayer! We would all love to be able to play Stronghold 2 multiplayer games with AI lords, and it would also be great if they enabled saving a multiplayer game. Maybe we could try to appeal to Firefly to make this possible. There is Stronghold 2 AI Manager which did this for 1.3.1 version, now none of us is able to the the same thing on their own, but who would be more competent to make this possible but Firefly? :) If you ask me, I would be fine with that if they sell it as a DLC, so if the host has this option all of us could enjoy it; or it could be another way as well.


Chris, sorry if this should have been posted if Stronghold 2 subforum.

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I doubt they still work on it. I provided some ideas which are easy to code on last tournament and they noticed it. Still not done, nor any patch (fixes, etc) since.


*EDIT* I asked on stream chat and they said they are working on kingdoms and will start a new game. So I think I am done with shc2. No major patchs (maybe any) will follow and this game still needs them.

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Too bad to hear that... :(


Well, maybe players could effect on them to make this for Stronghold 2 before doing another game, or something like that? I'm not putting any hope into that, but I'm just saying an idea. I believe that it would be an easy task for them.

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Well, like Micha! says, I don't think there will be much more work done on Crusaser 2. I know they have started working on "Stronghold Next", so Crusader 2 may still see an occasional patch to iron out some issues or add some fine tuning, but I would not expect any major content changes at this stage.


The best we can do is make sure we know what is important for SH:Next and let them know.

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Actually, that is why I created this tread...



If they don't work on Crusader 2, maybe they could have a look into Stronghold 2. Many games have their HD versions and things like that released years after the original game release. In this case we miss:

-AI lords in multiplayer (it doesn't matter to me if they don't attack all players, or things like that, it's just that it would be interesting to have fight with your friend against six Williams for example).

-they could add few more kingmaker mods such as: no rates, no gong, no crime... which is of the things that drove away many potential players of the game. I like those things, but I think that Firefly could benefit from that.

-they could also add a mod without honor. In Crusader 2 they just took this logic: "simpler it is, more players will like it". To some extent I believe that this is why more people play Crusader. When they see gong in Stronghold 2 they just say "what the heck is this". :)

-they could add auto-buy and auto-sell options like in Stronghold Legends

-they could make moats better looking - they way they look in Stronghold Legends at least. They have the experience from SHL, it should be easier for them those accomplish those two.

-another thing they could give us is ability to save game in multiplayer, or maybe to have autosave as well. I believe this could be done easily - the one who hosts would make a save of the game on his machine, and when they want to continue they just come back, and all players need to remember who was player 1, who was player 2, etc... And when they are in their places the host just loads the game, and they can finish what they started. I say this as I realize that in Stronghold 2 everything is on the hosts PC (or something like that).

-maybe they could even enable using custom shields in multiplayer games, so I wouldn't be the only one who would see my custom shields and banners.


And one more thing. Now, years after the original release, we have seen how great Stronghold 2 maps can be, and now there are tons of maps and scenarios downloadable from here and from Stronghold Heaven. So - there are tons of maps, while the original release had few of them, and none of them is as good as The Chokepoint Island made by Tokamaps for example. There are lots of great maps, so:

-the gameplay of Stronghold 2 is way better than the one is Stronghold 2 and Crusader 2, while with those suggestions I had it would be better in anyone's opinion. I mean, come on, Crusader 2 doesn't even have laddermen (correct me if I'm wrong, that is if I missed that they added those guys in a patch)... :(

-they already have this game, so only some small additional work would be needed to accomplish this.

-the graphics in the game is really good, in my opinion it's not that much behind those newer games. Plus, like I said, there are many awesome maps out there, so with those they could show to people that Stronghold 2 maps are not just "huge green plains like a carpet" - they have a great map editor by which stunning landscapes can be done.



Sorry for making it too long maybe, I hope you will read this. :) I just think that they could give us those things that we miss in Stronghold 2 really easily, and if you're asking me, I would pay a DLC that would bring us those things. :)

Just look at Rise of Nations: Extended Edition, that is basically the same game with few details added, better water reflection and stuff like that, while this what I wrote about would be completely extended edition which would fit every Stronghold fan! :)

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