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Battlefield Creation Contest

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Greetings Lords and Ladies,


As mentioned in this thread, I am announcing the start of a Battlefield Creation Contest for Crusader 2.


The purpose of this contest is -?of course to have fun and enjoy the game -?but also to give us some maps with good battlefields to play with and hold multiplayer contests and events in the future.


Maps should be nice looking landscapes with some interesting tactical element like rivers, bridges, hills, mountains, cliffs, swamps, forests, ruins, etc.

Villages can also make a tactical lanscape feature.


You don't have to include all those features mentioned above, but a good selection would make an interesting map.


Map size of L or XL is ideal. Size M is probably too small to allow armies enough space to maneuver.



To give you some ideas, here is a list of a few themes that would be interesting to play on:

- The dark forest

- England's rolling hills

- The narrow mountain pass

- Small castles of old times

- Rivers and swamps

- Villages in the fertile valley


These are just a few ideas, if you want to invent your own theme, even better :)



The contests starts now and will be open for submissions until October 12th (but this can be extended if needed).


Submitted maps will be scored on a rank from 1 to 5 for

- Beauty of the landscape

- Tactical features for battles


Honour and fame awaits the winner - and of course bragging rights ;)


Post here to sign up and let us know that you are taking part.


Edit: typos corrected

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I would love to take part, however I am super-busy now - I've started my teacher training year. Going to wean myself off Savage Lands and get started on my first assignment! So I might not be around here much - but good luck to all participants! :)

'...But be not afraid of jesters; some are born jesters, some achieve jesters and some have jesters thrust upon them'

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No worries, Lord Paul. All the best for this new step in your carreer and good luck for your first assignment?:)


Hopefully there will be at least a few players making a map for this contest.

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Well, it is the 12th of October and I have not recieved any entries.

I am not sure if this contest is still going to take off. Perhaps we just don't have enough? mapmakers around at this point in time.?



Still, I should ask the question: Did anyone make any maps? Does anyone want a timeline?extension?

It would still be cool if we could have?a few?maps to organize further games.

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We have no responses and it looks like this contest just did not take off.

Well, it happens. I guess we just don't have enough active Crusader 2 map makers in our group right now.


As I don't want to leave it unresolved, I am closing this contest.

But no worries, I am sure that there will be a new contest and further events soon :)

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Maybe we could try another thing... One of us could create a map on which we could fight with predetermined troops. In that matter I mean, we don't let competitors choose troops that they fight with, but to get some troops like we would in campaign or scenarios, and fight. What do you say about that?


Regarding this actual competition, the issue is many of us don't find time to make maps although we would love to - I can say it in my own name in actually, but I assume it stands for others as well. On the other hand if we have one map who would make a balanced map, but not those boring square maps (that's just my opinion), we could try to make an interesting one for that matter. What do you think? I think many could join that competition, because each battle wouldn't require a lot of time.


I also have another idea, but similar to first one. We could make two keeps, and players wouldn't be able to train many unit types. Players could start with few swordsmen or few knight, but they wouldn't be able to train them. A player would be able to build a small castle with basic defenses only, and he would need to fight for resources. We could also make it without trading - the accent would be on the fight, and those castles would only provide a player ability to train few more troops during the war, and the goal would be to defeat the enemy army. Invaders would be able to build catapults and trebuchets, though they wouldn't be able to general a lot of gold with those small castles, and defender wouldn't be able to defend from trebuchets from his castle walls - the idea is for players to fight and not to sit in there castles. Also we wouldn't make resources too close to player castles, so they would have to fight to protect those.


What do you think about this? We could ask others in a separate tread if you think that would be better?

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Yes, EaglePrince, I think you are right when you say that many of us are very busy with their work and education and their activities in real lives (which is actually a?good thing) and find it hard to set aside the many?hours that mapmaking would require. One?of the reasons, why the Siege That contest worked so well, was because players only needed to spend one evening per month for it (plus a few minutes each day for?checking and posting on the forum).


I actually have a map sitting on my?PC that can be used?for a new "mission style" game. It is just a single event, so when I have it completed, we can get a few lords together, find one evening and give it a go.

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That sounds like a good idea, I may well join in with that. Depending on time frame of course - but I'm certainly quite happy to give it a go. :)


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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The map is almost finished and all going well, I can post the introduction of the event later this week.

It is going to be somewhat different to what you guys may expect, but I hope you are going to like it :)

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