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  1. Placed 3 more maps in queue, eager to notice Blitwing about it's eventual publish passing review vielen Dank,
  2. Pleasing news Chris, let me jump immediately into placing a few maps to get this rolling! Have had explicit permissions granted for some of them. Very positive!
  3. Had a few snippets off your stream and forwarded a suggestion to the devs about selecting packed | unpacked trebs through observing your play. Caught you saying " game is imbalanced " too haha 🙂
  4. a strongholder is locked up in another castle, ( https://steamcommunity.com/app/907650/discussions/0/3104642254773728269/ ) with your permission and also ensuring proper links to map maker profile - perhaps an upload over here as suggested ( https://steamcommunity.com/app/907650/discussions/0/3104642254773728269/) on map makers behalf may allow him to try? In the midst of asking the each and every map maker for permission as well... so far has reached to one of them that me like and playing Keep Stronghodling,
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