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Stronghold 2 - 13/8/15

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So you won't be playing?


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Just came to say few words... Yesterday game was exciting to me. I would like to hear other opinions as well, but I will tell a short story from my perspective. We were playing with no attacking until we were all dukes, and when we all became dukes it seemed to me that surprisingly I was the strongest one although we were all realm close to each other. Mathew didn't get any village while Chris got only two of them while I had four of them, and there more empty villages between us. I liked it on this map that we were not close to each other, each of us had enough space and we had enough space between each other. I think I made my map well, as this was its first multiplayer testing.


First I attacked Chris, he lost one of his villages then, but I didn't manage to kill him. I was too slow and I didn't notice his weak point, but even if I had noticed them, I would hesitate to kill him. I felt it was too early and he just didn't manage to build everything like he does usually. Unfortunately for me, when I did attack the castle he trained more crossbowmen and knights, and there was no way I could kill him. I don't want to say I spared his life, it is likely that I would manage to kill him even without hesitating, but this taught me not to waste my chances.


While I was in the attack Mathew was raiding Chris as well, but he was trying to raid me with few peasants too. He also had a group of knight which came into my lands but I stopped them.


Later I attacked Mathew, I failed again, so after that defeat Chris attacked me. He was stronger then. Also I was foolish to send the lord outside along with some troops he he got killed. :D I was disappointed at the moment, but it was fun, and although I needed to be more careful, I am satisfied how I played the game. I only needed to get better production, but I haven't been playing in a while.


Later Chris killed Mathew too.


I'm looking forward to play another game like this some to later. :)

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