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Freebuild Economic Missions

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According to the Stronghold Knights archive, there used to be a bug that let you add invasions to non-invasion maps via the [ALT]+[COMMA] trick. This bug (or perhaps you could consider it a feature ;) ) has since been fixed, however, it is still possible to add preplanned events and objectives to a free-build map (messages too!)


This post will show you how to create an economic mission that can use the [F1] Free-build editor to change the course of the mission.


Creating a Free-build Economic Mission:


1. Open up Stronghold's map editor and choose to create an economic map.

2. Create your map and add the events you want to add as you would for a normal economic map (lose events are discouraged besides lord killed as this is a free-build map).

3. Press the key combination [ALT]+[COMMA]. It should bring up the menu to change the map type and size.

4. Under the single-player tab, select the free-build option.

5. Press [ESC] and save your new free-build economic mission.




Some of you might be thinking why is this useful? This is useful because who lets you give the player some goal to achieve and also gives the player a higher-degree of freedom. If the pkayer thinks the mission is too easy, they can press [F1] and send in an invasion. On the other hand, the player could hire good bandits or a travelling fair if they feel the mission is too difficult. The best part is, that like economic missions, the player can continue playing even after they win. Unlike normal economic missions, the player is still able to summon invaders or conjure the random events whenever they please causing the player to continue to have interest in the level.


* Note to moderators and admins -- you are more than welcome to post this as a tutorial at your discretion.

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