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  1. Thanks for the offer! The face I'd want most would be the Rat from original Stronghold. If you had time for extras then maybe Pig from Stronghold and Khan from Crusader 2, but Rat would definitely be my first choice. :) And I managed to find the faces.bmp file. I had to do 'show package contents' on the game's app and then search for it in Finder.
  2. Has anyone here made (or is able to make) some player portraits for Crusader that would feature some of the AI faces from Crusader or Crusader 2? I just find the idea of having the Rat, the Pig, or the Khan as my player-portrait in game pretty fun, but I'm not good at image editing myself so I'm not really sure how I could do it. Also if anyone knows where the faces.bmp version is located on the Mac version (off gog.com) I'd really appreciate that. Can't find the thing on my computer...
  3. Yeah Mac can't easily open .exe files unfortunately. If I hear about some solution I'll post it.
  4. Ah ok thanks I'll have a look for that.
  5. Thanks. Actually I don't know if I could enable other buildings, because I don't think the Mac version has the map editor :P
  6. I think there is a modding tool that lets you do it, but again I think it's a .exe file so I wouldn't be able to use it... :(
  7. Great! Thanks EaglePrince!
  8. Thanks. Yeah the Teal template map seems to be gone from the downloads section. I'll have a look for your map and maybe just erase the landscape like you said. As far as Map Unlockers I'm not sure if there are any that work on Mac? I remember I tried downloading one but it came as a .exe file, so my computer couldn't open it.
  9. Would anyone be able to upload some large size (400x400) blank invasion maps for Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader where the player colour has been switched to teal? I tried downloading the map pack by Jalis from Stronghold Heaven but all the maps were tiny size, and when I tried to resize them I can't place any buildings outside the original tiny borders. Not sure if that's a bug with the Mac version or what, but in any case it would be great if someone could help me with getting those maps so I could create some scenarios with teal player colour. :)
  10. Thanks EaglePrince. Both of those maps sound interesting, if you do find them it would be great if you could upload the two!
  11. Ah thanks I'll have a look. That site wasn't working for me yesterday but it seems ok now.
  12. Has anyone around here made any freebuild maps for Stronghold 3? If so it'd be great if some could be added to the downloads section on this site. I just had a browse through and it looks like there are none here currently. I'm a fan of freebuild but was getting a bit tired of the original 4 in the game, and let's be honest some of the landscapes on those 4 maps don't look very natural... I know there's plenty of talented map-makers in the Stronghold community so I'm sure someone out there has made one or two. :)
  13. Has anyone been to Israel or neighbouring countries in the Levant and seen what the wetlands are like there? I was curious when playing through some of the Stronghold Crusader maps like 'Caesarea Swampland'. Google hasn't turned up much for images for the kind of wetlands portrayed in the game; I read that a lot of it was drained for farming during recent 20th century settlement so maybe the swamps in that area don't exist anymore? If anyone's been there or has some images of wetlands/swamp from the coastal regions of the Levant it would be interesting to see. I've always been interested in wetland environments, and I also think it would be useful to have some images or descriptions for map-making reference in the game.
  14. Damn if that's the case then best of luck with it! Is this ad problem happening on any other websites now, or still just this one? Have you noticed your computer running slower or any other signs? I don't know much about computer viruses and whatnot, but I'm sure if you give some details there are people here who could help.
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