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Lord Vetka

1,1,2015, Happy New Year!

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A new year is upon us, the last one was a good year for the site, a bunch of good people came along and helped to build the site up, we saw Crusader 2 come out, that seamed to bring more life to the site, great going guys!


All the best for 2015, Many more exciting projects to come along, we have only started to get some interesting projects going even saw a few contests along the way, hopefully we have a few more.


The downloads have seen a large amount of new maps for all of the games, some real good ideas with good skills to go along, the new years looks pretty good!

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Thank you, Lord Vetka.


I am back in the saddle after my Christmas break and want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, too.

Looking forward to new adventures and activities in 2015.



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