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  1. Thanks for the greetings :) I'm installing SHC2 for GOG again.
  2. Has been some time since I've been on here and I just want you to know I'm back
  3. Mine is xiiMaRcLeoN and there are random videos sometimes idk xD
  4. My Steam id: xiiMaRcLeoN So if anyone is interested just message me.
  5. Happy new year too from me even if it's a bit late.
  6. The map is hanging there since GTA SA came out on the PS2.
  7. Here is my setup: And I got a GTX 980 from EVGA which is in the computer case right now.
  8. The SHC demo was one of the first games I found online too. I played it for what seemed like a thousand hours and I liked those hours.
  9. I think there is a programm in it. When you enter your information then it sents the information to his e-mail.
  10. Someone just tried to steal my account but it didn't work so always look out for people like this. When someone just randomly adds you as her/his friend don't accept. Most of the time they are lvl one and have no games installed. And look at the fake Steam link.
  11. I would find it funny if I just join like an NPC but I play against everyone. While you play against 2vs3vs1.
  12. Isn't it for this sunday the 16th ?. Maybe you read that wrong , you confuse me now.
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