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Changing building limit

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Hi, I saw that in Stronghold 3 one is limited to 125 buildings only, which is very small number considering that gatehouses, towers, etc. are counted there as well.


Is there a way to enlarge that number? Is there some modification, or something? Also, if this game was possible to become unstable with more buildings, I guess enlarging that number to at least 175 could be enough, and that it wouldn't make any harm.

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I saw it is something that is possible to do, and no mod is needed. I found the answer at Stronghold Heaven in this tread.

Troop and building maximums have been added to Single Player, in order to prevent performance issues when the numbers get too high.

These limits can be overridden by changing the relevant settings in the Documents/Stronghold 3/Profiles/options.xml file.

So it is possible but it would cause some performance issues.

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