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Missing Character/Building Animation and Floating Characters Glitch

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Hello everyone,

I'm building a massive and detailed map and everything was going fine. Then on my last map test I noticed that characters were floating, and in-building animations were also missing. The carters post horse and wagon move as normal but everything else is affected.

I'm not sure exactly when it happened. I have a rough idea because I added a decent amount of smoke, steam and bubbling effects in a swamp section. Afterwards I added a lot of grass and bog plants from the 3rd screen of the plants and trees menu. I also added a few additional forest pathways through an existing forest I created using the riverway delete trick. It was after those 3 things were added that I noticed the glitch.

I tried deleting all troops that were pre-set on the map (around 600 hundred or so). I also went and deleted all smoke and steam effects and all the short grass and bog plants. For the heck of it, I also deleted a large swath of forest on the map (around 1/3 of the map is wooded).......... and the glitch is still there. I also exited and restarted the game and no luck.

As I stated earlier the map is massive and is loaded with water, forests, terrain changes, various plants, steam and smoke effects, around a 100 pre-set buildings and around 600 or so troops. I have no computer lag whatsoever, and the in-game action never lags, so I have no idea what the issue could be.

So now I come to the house of experts, fall to me knees at their cobblestone steps and beg for guidance lol.

Many thanks in advance!


PS - Is placing the waterfall too close to the map edge and having it wipe out the midlevel terrain graphics simply a part of the game that cannot be worked around?

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So I guess the first thing ot ask, is whether this is a disc version of the game, or the Steam one? Do you want to send your map over to me or attach it below and I will take a look to see if it's still happening in my game?


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