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defferent forum layout

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I meant to ask, what to you think about having a different forum layout over here.


The reason I'm asking this is because we have Stronghold Crusader 2 now, and it is all way down now, and if someone wanted to see it, he would have to scroll all way down. This is one of the reasons in fact, but it is the most important one, but I also don't want to tell this is very much important. I'm just opening a discussion, to hear what you think.


My suggestion would be to put games in this order:

  1. Stronghold Crusader 2
  2. Stronghold 3
  3. Stronghold Legends
  4. Stronghold 2
  5. Stronghold Crusader
  6. Stronghold
  7. Stronghold Kingdoms
  8. CivCity Rome


Another option would be:

  1. Stronghold
  2. Stronghold Crusader
  3. Stronghold 2
  4. Stronghold Legends
  5. Stronghold 3
  6. Stronghold Crusader 2
  7. Stronghold Kingdoms
  8. CivCity Rome


Again, I don't say I am sure that we need this, I'm just asking for opinion, and I've got feeling how Crusader 2 shouldn't be all way down there. :)

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I think it would make sense to have it with the newest releases at the top and the oldest at the bottom. Of course CivCity Rome would be below it all as it isn't hugely relevant to Stronghold.

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The games are like this for a certain way; they are ordered by their release date, so naturally since SHC2 has been released last then it's at the bottom of the list. I admit that it doesn't quite feel right down at the bottom but I think it's the best way of ordering them.


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