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Chat with ally in multiplayer

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We had an exciting game yesterday - it was really great. One thing crossed my mind during the game though... All the time we were chatting all together - and also I haven't noticed any option to speak only to my ally.

Is that possible in Stronghold 2 multiplayer to chat with your ally only?


I believe I had at least one more question, but I forgot about that. :) I guess I will remember that later. :)

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Unfortunately that is not an option. And as far as I know it isn't added into the newest release either. Perhaps they will add it as it is a good idea.

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Unfortunately that is not an option.


@Mathew Steel is correct. However, you can in SHL.


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That's too bad, but still, I saw we can have a lot of fun even without that. :)


Unfortunately, I doubt they are going to do anything new on Stronghold 2, but that thing, including our own crests to be visible to other players, would be great - if they added those.


Speaking about those crests... I have decided not to use my own crests in Stronghold 2 - at least not when I play multiplayer. Those are great ideas, but still, as there will always be someone who would leave his original crests as they are - there wouldn't be much point in that. :( I guess I will use my own crest in singleplayer only, but for multiplayer I will use only the original one. Maybe I simply have to take it the way it is. :)

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