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Stronghold Crusader / Extreme; September 14, 2014

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September 14, 2014; 19:00 (GMT +2, Belgrade)

  • Game: Stronghold Crusader / Extreme
  • Version: non-HD
  • Known participants:

  1. @EaglePrince
  2. @Mathew Steel


I am sorry, I do really this is a bit late, but if some of you guys is able to join us - you are all welcome.

It's most likely going to be a game against AI lords.

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Mathew replied to my PM, so we played this game. It was fun!


Also, I meant to tell how we played it, because I think this could help others to setup an exciting game. We played The Last Stand map - we picked positions so we could be close to each other, and we fought against two Caliphs and three Wazirs with Saladin by our side. We were in south-west, while Saladin was in north-west. This was a Crusader game, we we gave 8000 gold to AI lords.


It was hard in beginning, and we grow stronger after killing Wazir which was positioned on the hill. After that we got more resources. Fighting against Caliphs and Wazirs was really interesting. In the end, after Mather made it to kill Wazir in north-east, Saladin was on his way to attack Wazir in south-east. What we saw then was that Saladin sent there a massive army! His army in total had more than 400 men I think. At the same moment we saw him attacking, we decided to help him in his attack - we continued to fight with that army that survived fighting against our enemies in north-east, we we're also helping in destroying Wazirs castle with our catapults, and we were also sending reinforcements. I was sending more pikemen and more horse archers. Wazir was powerful, and he had much gold, although he did attack my castle just before Saladin attacked him, so he had less swordsmen. Still, he was strong, but he did fall after that attack.


This game was really fun, and mostly because of Mathews and my teamwork - we were supporting each other pretty well. And after all that - Saladin surprised us with his massive attack at Wazir, and that made the game even more fun.



So, if there are two players wanting to play against AI opponents, I would suggest a game like this: Crusader game giving AI lords 8000 gold, and fight against five opponents with one ally. There are also more options, but this one turned out to be really good this time. Other options would be putting three or four strong AI's, and two or three weaker ones, so you could be able to handle attacks.

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Sounds like a great game, Saladin can be a good ally, and against the Wazirs and caliphs, way to go!


I had Saladin as an an Ally with the Caliph in the North with me in between them and 3 Wazirs and 2 Nizars on the new map I made, I gave the AIs 4000 gold and me 2000 gold, I won the game and Saladin took out one of the Wazirs on his own, then to see, I played the same way but set to lots of troops and gold, gave the AI 20000 and me 7000, I was out in about 10 minutes, but I watched for a while and Saladin was taking it to the enemy along with the Caliph, but after a little while the Caliph fell and Saladin was soon to follow.


Getting the right starting gold is important for the type of game you want to play, 3 against 5 strong AIs and you give them 20000 gold and you have a major fight on your hands, give them 4000 gold and it's to easy!


Glad to see you guys had a fun game!

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