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Winch Stronghold Is the Best?

winch stronghold is the best?  

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  1. 1. winch stronghold s the best?

    • stronghold
    • stronghold crusader
    • stronghold crusader extreme
    • stronghold 2
    • stronghold legends
    • stronghold 3
    • stronghold kingdoms
    • stronghold crusader two
    • stronghold warlords

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Nice topic! I love all of them, but for me Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends are my absolute all time favourites by far so I only selected those. I had Legends before 2 actually, and I just took to it straight away.

Btw @JustAVillager - I've seen you have a map in your signature. If you'd like to, you can upload it to our downloads community hub here where we have other maps, scenarios, mods etc:  🙂https://www.stronghold-nation.com/downloads/

To submit go here but make sure you're logged in first: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/downloads/submit/


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thanks i dont love stronghold legends too much because every time i made a custom war in it didn't worked well i mostly like stronghold 3 because of its funny ragdoll physics and i also like stronghold 2 because of its perfect level editor im already working on a custom war in it its still not ready when it was ready i will upload it to the download list thanks again

download and play my stronghold 2 custom war! i worked hard on it


Bear And Oil.s2m

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Stronghold HD (the original) would be an excellent place to begin. It strikes a good balance between the game's economic and military aspects. It features a rather lengthy military campaign and a very short economic campaign. If you want a more military-focused game, Crusader HD (probably not extreme) is a better option. It contains a very lengthy "Crusader Trail" (80 different skirmishes), a cool Historic Campaign with sieges from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Crusades, and a skirmish mode where you may play versus AI.

Following those two, Stronghold 2 is fairly nice, adding a lot to the construction features and changing several mechanics.

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Indeed, Stronghold 1 does indeed have the perfect balance between military and economics - at least when it comes to patient players. I love how economic is fast enough for you to build a massive army during the game, and in the same time slow enough to cripple an enemy in a field battle. In Crusader players recover more easily, troops are more expandable.

However, when it comes to AI lords, the same fact mentioned above would make skirmish games against computer less interesting. And so many players just want faster economy.

Reminds me of Empire Earth multiplayer; I was stunned when I saw people playing the game in the fastest game speed possible, while I have always liked to play that game patiently throughout the ages (which can last for hours).

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